A message from Wave Resort Team

19th April 2020:  A message from Wave Resort Team

Dear Friends,

Until recently, the plans of all of us were filled with anticipation for an upcoming dream vacation - a walk on the beach with your loved ones, the great food at one of our many restaurants, a relaxation in the soothing hands of our SPA therapists, fun time by the pool or with the hotel animation team or a trip to one of the local attractions. Some of you might choose to spend the late afternoon enjoying the spectacular view of the sparkling spring sea from your room window.

Regrettably, the reality has changed our plans abruptly and now we only travel in our minds and dreams. Our hopes for a better tomorrow are still in our souls and we encourage you to keep yours alive too.

Don’t lose your heart and don‘t surrender to despair. This is an obstacle that we have to overcome together.

Yes, there is a price to pay and everyone will have to sacrifice a little in order to keep our way of life. The Humanity didn’t reach that far by giving up.

Yes, it’s a unique situation but it’s a fact of life. We are coping with it by working from the comfort of our homes, surrounded by our immediate families. We gladly welcome you in.

Not seeing you now only means that we have chosen to do what it takes to make sure that we will be able to see you tomorrow. We had to rearrange our priorities and we, undoubtedly, decided to put Life first. Your safety is our ultimate concern!

There is time for everything in life. Now it is not the time to earn, now is the time to show support and compassion to the ones in need. Be kind to each other.

We are certain that this ordeal will soon be over and we will have the pleasure of seeing you. Until then, please, stay home and stay safe!

In this festive time we should be together celebrating, but now this is only possible in our hearts and souls. Until the world goes back to its normal state, we are here for you working to create a safe and enjoyable environment.

Happy Easter!🐣🌞💕🐰

Sincerely Yours,Wave Resort Team💛

🇧🇬 Preslava Boycheva - Marketing Manager

🇷🇴 Nikolay Draganov- General Manager

🇩🇪 Svenja Böcü - Front Office Supervisor

🇷🇺Deyan Kolev - Front Office Manager

🇵🇱🇸🇰Nina Chamova - Sales Manager

🇹🇷Blagovest Zafirov - Assistant General Manager

🇫🇷 Daniela Miteva - Outgoing Department

🇬🇧Ümit Böcü - Entertainment and Guest Service Manager