"Believing in Mirages and Angels - that is the Truth"

5th March 2020

Interview with Mrs. Nurten Ünsev, an investor and a managing partner of Wave Resort, owner of one of the most successful international SPA and beauty brands in Antalya. Mrs. Nurten Ünsev was born and raised in Bulgaria. She has been living in Turkey and Italy for years, but today her latest business project takes her back to Bulgaria. A graduated psychologist and a teacher, fluent in Bulgarian, Turkish, Russian, French, Italian, Spanish and English. A pop singer with several released albums and new upcoming music projects, Mrs. Ünsev manages her own production company, Del Luce. 

Nurten Ünsev: "Believing in Mirages and Angels - that is the Truth"

- Mrs. Nurten, how do you manage to combine and balance all your roles in life?

I was born and raised in Bulgaria, my childhood passed here. For most of my life, I have been living in Turkey, where my home is now, where my family lives, where my relatives are. I was fortunate enough to combine the cultures of both countries to which I and my family belong. I am a citizen of the world - multilingual, multinational, with a wealth of life and professional experience. I managed to create a business partnership with colleagues from Bulgaria, and our friendship with Mr. Ventsislav Tanchev and his family continues for over 20 years now. The idea of Wave Resort was born about 3 years ago. The investment is estimated to over € 35 million - the largest for 2019 in Bulgaria. We present the lush exotic South and the Turkish Ultra All-Inclusive service on the Bulgarian Black Sea coast. Antalya "came to its feet" in Bulgaria. We have recently won two prestigious awards – “Building of the Year” and “Spa Center of the Year”.

- What is the recipe for a successful business?

Brand and vision go hand-in-hand. Wave Resort was designed and created by leading Bulgarian construction companies, architects and designers. Some of the best landscaping experts in Turkey and Italy took care of the exterior layout of the common areas. A wonderful multilingual and multicultural environment exists all over the place. All necessary preparation has already been made for the Medical SPA and Balneotherapy section in W SPA. It will feature preventive and restorative treatments with natural products as Pomorie lye, which is naturally sourced a few steps away from our hotel. It will be used as intended and in consultation with specialized medical staff.

- Frankly said, you are a workaholic ...

I love to work hard. Work for me is more than just a state of mind, it is a celebration. It inspires me. I am not afraid of my brave imagination and I love to create- I don't stop until I get the best result. My motto is "There is no thankless work." I am along my husband in the tourism and hotel business, and our three daughters are growing up in a sea of movement and dynamics. We are a super team of souls and minds, though we sometimes challenge views and opinions - like anyone who respects the freedom of self-expression. My husband and I try to pass on this stubborn and constant movement and audacity to our children.

- You have music projects and performances, you work with the Krasi Avramov- The Voice - how did you find yourself, what is ahead?

Yes, I have several released albums and new music projects underway. I also do live performances. The American pop, but most of all the pop-opera in our beloved Los Angeles, is what brings us together with Krasi Avramov. The Californian dream has got us on top of the music wave. We have already done a concert in Antalya and in several other Turkish cities. We had the premiere of our own song, composed by Krasi, with my lyrics. Another song from the Bulgarian composer Tase Sharkov is ready, again with my poems. I write in different languages and compose, I also make covers of world-famous songs with my lyrics. I have 40 songs, part of different albums and singles, most of which have been released. The music is something I was born with, something that I breathe from.

- How do you maintain your beauty and health?

It all starts from the inside out - positive thoughts, good mood, optimism, ability to dream. Believing in MIRAGES AND ANGELS. You should never have the fear of being called "crazy". You should have the courage to be "You". To sing and not to think evil. To wear your clothes according to your mood. To love yourself without makeup or hairstyle, barefoot on the asphalt. To jump with your kids on the bed, to play hide-and-seek with them, to make pancakes in the kitchen, flipping them in the air. The kids, oh, I love kids. I love these small angels with all their moods and states.

To be beautiful, you have to feel beautiful. Of course, this is the SPA and the hammam… it is also to pamper yourself in the SPA, in the sauna, in the gym, and in the hands of the incredible therapists. To pamper your skin with the unique beauty cosmetic products. And the water – water is life. You drink it and bathe in it. Let's not forget what SPA means: Sana Per Aqua. Health from Water!

- Do you have a recipe for happiness?

Happiness is a state of mind. Love. Tenderness. The highest vibration, the most heavenly one! Imagination. Fantasy. Courage! Be grateful for what makes you yourself.

Don't hold your anger, resentment, disappointment. Do not have unrealistic expectations of others. Don't blame. Do not control others, this is your personal fear.

Get rid of your fear, don't blame others, don't blame yourself, don't complain.

If you're deadlocked, analyze your options. Everything goes by, look for light in the tunnel, give space to your imagination and fantasy. You're smart and capable!

Cry when you feel like crying, you will be relieved.

You have a soul.

Source: Interview with Evgeni Minchev, published in Standard Newspaper, 21/03/2020