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5-day retreat with Anastasiya Manliher | September 18-22


5-day retreat at WAVE Resort near Lake Pomorie

Book now from 18 to 22 September

Moderator: Anastasia Manlicher - Psychologist, Doctor of Health Psychology, Psychosomatic Specialist, certified Yoga instructor.


Accommodation for 1 person in a shared double room: BGN 630

Accommodation for Single use: BGN 800

Information and reservations:

Phone 0897 777 875

e-mail: bliss.anastasia@gmail.com


Contrary to all the negative news and forecasts, it is time to unlock the joy in yourself if you want to be healthy and feel good! There is no better time for that than the late September. Enjoy this time of the year at Wave Resort. This retreat will be full of trainings and exercises, which aim to make you feel calm, more cheerful, more confident and physically and mentally relaxed.

Wave Resort is located right next to Lake Pomorie. The air here wonderfully benefits the lungs and the respiratory system and greatly effects the renewal of the whole body, due to the more intense salt vapors. The resort features its own beach, 7 swimming pools with a separate Yoga and Pilates hall, a water park, with a playground for sports and games. Fresh lawns with various indoor and outdoor bars and restaurants. Meals are according to the ultra-all-inclusive formula. All this will be at our disposal.

We will wake up every morning with the sunrise, as watching its light at the time of its appearance above the horizon charges the body and mind in a very healthy way through the eyes to the pineal gland - that small pine-like gland in the brain that works for our fitness, desire for life and activity that unlocks serotonin - one of the hormones of the joy.

Prices include:

- Accommodation in a Side Sea View room

- Ultra-all-inclusive (hours and places for meals and drinks are described below)

- All group sessions described in the program

- Umbrellas and sunbeds on the private beach and around the pools

- Use of 7 outdoor pools, 2 of which are heated

- Water park

- Multifunctional playground by the beach

- Sauna

- Hammam from 15.00 to 18.00

- Gym

- Safe in the room

What is NOT included?

- Transport to/from Wave resort (a shared trip can be arranged, if enough cars among the participants will be present)

- Massages, SPA and cosmetic procedures in the SPA center – by an appointment and at a surcharge

- Dry cleaning and laundry

- 24-hour medical care

- Parking - the fee per day is BGN 15. (There is a possibility for a free parking near the complex).


• 07: 30-10: 00 - Breakfast - "Salt & Pepper" Main restaurant - Buffet

• 10: 00-12: 30 - Late breakfast - Bistro - Buffet

• 12: 30-14: 00 - Lunch - "Salt & Pepper" Main restaurant - Buffet

• 14: 00-18: 00 - Snack - Bistro

• 18: 00-21: 00 - Dinner - "Salt & Pepper" Main restaurant - Buffet

• 21: 00-07: 30 - Midnight Snack - Bistro


• 08: 00-23: 00 - Lobby Bar - Bulgarian and selected imported alcoholic, soft and hot drinks

• 10: 00-12: 30, 14: 00-18: 00 and 21: 00-07: 30 - Bistro - beer, wine, soft and hot drinks

• 12: 30-14: 00 and 18: 00-21: 00 - "Salt & Pepper" Main restaurant - Bulgarian alcoholic and soft drinks, beer, wine


September 18, Saturday

14.00 Accommodation (check-in)

14.00 - 18.30 free time for beach and entertainment

18.30 A get-together meeting

19.00 Dinner

20.30 Improvisational games

September 19, Sunday

7.00h. welcoming the sunrise

Purifying the body and mind breathing techniques

Yoga of joy

8.30 Breakfast followed by beach and free activities

18.30 Purifying breathing-meditation session

19.00 Dinner

20.30 Inner Smile Meditation

September 20, Monday

7.00h. welcoming the sunrise

Energizing breathing techniques

Water gymnastics in the pool

8.30 Breakfast followed by free activities

18.30 Soothing breathing techniques

19.00 Dinner

20.30 Meditation of joy with a circle of sharing

September 21, Tuesday

7.00h. welcoming the sunrise

Chi-gun for recharging and purifying the body and mind

8.30 Breakfast followed by free activities

18.00 Strength exercises for muscle tone

19.00 Dinner

20.30 "Triumph and gifts of joy" - a group session with techniques for personal development

September 22, Wednesday

7.00h. welcoming the sun

Energizing breathing techniques

Joint gymnastics

8.30 Breakfast

12.00 Check-out

Organizer: Blissful Life Ltd. Represented by Anastasia Manlicher - a specialist in psycho-somatic, with a doctorate from Sofia University in the specialty and a bachelor's degree in clinical pedagogy and psychology for children with psycho-somatic diseases, certified yoga instructor. Anastasia organizes group and individual sessions, similar seminars since the beginning of 2014. She works on the prevention and general strengthening of physical and psycho-emotional health and develops stress management programs, healing systems for the musculoskeletal, visual system, heart, lungs, thyroid gland. Conducts regular and healing trainings in a corporate environment.

For registration, please contact us by:

- tel. 0897 777 875

- e-mail: bliss.anastasia@gmail.com.

- posting on www.facebook.com/Anastasia.Blissful

When signing up you need to pay a deposit of 50% of the total amount in the bank account:

IBAN: BG06UNCR70001523514166


UniCredit Bulbank

Holder: Blissful Life EOOD

Representative: Anastasia Manlikherova

Reason for payment: Wave retreat + contact phone

- You can also pay in person - see the schedule of group sessions at www.facebook.com/Anastasia.Blissful

What you have to bring with you besides your personal belongings:

- Yoga mat and suitable clothing for gymnastics and yoga

- Swimsuit