THALASSO-SPA DETOX PROGRAM - | 3 | 5 | 7 | days

Looking for a haven with the scent of the sea? Did you know that a healthy body detoxifies itself? You feel that you need a complete cleansing of the body. You know you need to change your lifestyle. You want to sleep better. You want more energy. You have unexplained fatigue, poor peristalsis, skin sensitivity, allergies, recurring infections, puffy eyes, persistently impaired attention, frequent mood swings.

With a special attention to the body and its functions, we at W~SPA have created programs for restoring the balance.

In our THALASSO-SPA DETOX, we have combined the natural advantages of Wave Resort - sea, air, mud therapy, black sand and restorative spa procedures.

Purifying the body, the program aims to reduce the tension by relaxing the internal organs: the kidneys, liver, intestines and stimulating the immune system, by means of healing combinations of oils.

For significant and long-term results, detox should become a part of your life philosophy, as the body and mind are rid of poisons at the same time.

We, the W~SPA team, recommend choosing a package of 5 or 7 days to achieve good and visible results.

It is important that you have started detox preparation before your arrival with us.

You can make unlimited use of a modernly equipped Gym, Swimming pool, Biological lake, Herbal and Finnish sauna, Steam bath, Ice shower and Shock bucket, traditional Turkish hammam, as well as relaxation areas.

*The prices are per person and are valid for hotel guests and do not include accommodation.



  • includes 9 procedures
  • package price: 567 BGN


  • includes 14 procedures
  • package price: 864 BGN


  • includes 19 procedures
  • package price: 1193 BGN

To complete the detoxification process, add the Rasul ritual (mud therapy, lye, infrared lamp and massage), we also recommend our author's "Ritual with wool" (warm magnetite sandbags pindi, aromatic composition and special massage techniques).

10% discount on all additional treatments selected from our Wellness Menu

The program includes:

Salt pool and Kneipp path, salt room, Charcot shower, tangentor bath with HydroMassage*, Pressotherapy with lymphatic drainage*.

* included only in programs for 5 and 7 days

Benefits of THALASSO-SPA DETOX at Wave Resort

The thalassotherapy draws on the healing properties of the sea. There is no season for it. It's healing! It helps to treat all symptoms caused by toxic diet and stress and prepares the body to release the accumulations. It is applied with attention and care to each guest.


A quiet, peaceful hotel, in close proximity to a natural SPA. A natural combination of the four elements of the life. The AIR is the breath of life, its own microclimate, near the Pomorie Lagoon, rich in iodine vapors. The EARTH is the black magnetite sand with healing and balancing properties. The FIRE is the sun, the element of warm days. The WATER is life itself, and bathing in it stimulates blood circulation and metabolism.

REDUCES tension

Due to daily work, tightness can appear in the shoulders, neck, back and even the legs. While the massage therapist stretches, kneads and loosens your muscles, this tension is relieving. Even partial massages, such as reflexology, prepare the body to release the stress that the mind accumulates in it.

IMPROVES skin condition

The skin protects against pollutants and environmental influences, keeping it healthy improves overall well-being. Body scrubs and facial treatments strengthen and cleanse the skin, giving it a healthy and radiant appearance. You can choose Hammam massage or ritual, Organic treatments for face and body with cleansing effect.

RELIEVES chronical pain

Constant pain can be caused by standing, moving or sitting for long periods. In other words, it can hurt if you do something for too long time! The pain is relieving with mud therapy, healing massages, Wave Ritual, even by spending some time in a herbal sauna or steam bath.


Removing toxins from the body allows it to work more efficiently, to face the problems and work to overcome them. The herbal sauna, with herbs from our garden, helps the body to expel the negativity and infuse positive emotions, and facial and body treatments complete the purification. We recommend a combination of Organic Spa rituals that work simultaneously on body, mind and soul.

BOOSTS confidence

In addition to the purifying effects of body and face treatments, your charge is improved. As a result, you radiate a better energy and better energy flows into you.

SOOTHES mind and body

The benefits of our THALASSO-SPA DETOX treatments can help you find your way to peace of mind and body in your everyday life.


The body and thoughts get rid of toxins at the same time

  • Removes the waste and poisons from the body
  • Eliminates the heavy metals from the body
  • Reduces the swelling and fluid retention
  • Improves the absorption of nutrients
  • Strengthens the body's defense mechanisms
  • Improves the skin condition
  • Increases the flow of oxygen in the body
  • Rejuvenates and revitalizes the body
  • Stops the bacterial and viral processes in the body
  • Helps for an attractive and slow aging of the body
  • Provides a natural allergy relief
  • Relieves swelling, swollen joints, migraines, etc.