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Covering an area of 2 500 s.m, W~SPA offers an integrated approach to health, wellbeing and beauty, focusing on talor-made medical, wellness and beauty-spa programs. It comprises an indoor heated pool, a fully-equipped gym, an authentic Turkish hamam, group Rasul chambers , thermal and sauna area, and over 10 inspiringly designed treatment rooms.

From tranquil pools to soothing thermal therapies, W~SPA facilities are designed to promote the ultimate healthcare, rejuvenation and beauty SPA experience in serene surroundings...


Soak into the tranquil waters in our indoor heated pool. Take a dip into serenity and peacefulness.

1. Indoor pool size: 190 m2

  • depth: 140 cm

2. Indoor kids pool size: 8 m2

  • depth: 25 cm

3. Jacuzzi up to 6 persons,

*Water temperature: 28 C° 

*Open in April, May and October


Take your physical fitness to a new level at our state-of-the-art gym, offering well-equipped fitness facilities and instructors advice to achieve optimal results.


Sauna with air temperature from 70 to 100 degrees and low humidity. Humidity is regulated by water, which is poured on stones and creates steam. For centuries, in some counties, the sauna has been a place for rest, relaxation and solitude. It is known for its positive effects on the human body and is a natural way to improve the immune system, tone and vitality of the body.


Light sauna in combination with various herbs, that we pick every day from our own garden, twigs of deciduous and coniferous trees, cones and more. The temperature is in the range of 50 ÷ 60°C. The relative humidity is 30 - 40%, but can reach over 50%. Thanks to the hot air and steam the bioactive substances in the plants are released and saturate the air in the sauna. The herbal sauna has an extremely beneficial effect on the respiratory system, skin and hair.


Through modern technology (NEBULIZER) a therapeutic microclimate is created in the room.  Through aqueous re-dusting of medicinal salt, achieves micronization like morning sea mist, thick with salt. The technology creates a therapeutic microclimate similar to that in salt caves, pine forests or the beach. The air is rich in trace elements, 80% of which are contained in the blood plasma of the human body. During the procedure, fine particles of 1-3 microns of special pharmaceutical alpine rock salt are sprayed in the salt room. Extremely effective in the prevention and treatment of respiratory problems and even nervous conditions.


A pool with salt water combined with hydro massage for the different parts of the body. It has relaxing and detoxicating effect and strengthens the immune system.


Walking on a water path with alternating hot and cold water, the bottom of which is covered with river stones. It has a stimulating effect on the blood circulation, especially on the legs.


Purify your body with a traditional Turkish ritual in the incredible environment and serene atmosphere of the hammam. Improve the function of your immune and respiratory system, balance your blood pressure, and boost your metabolism. Feel the nervous system calm down, sleep better, feel lighter, and relieve headaches, obesity and cellulite.

The distinctive element of this heating baths is the hot stone of polished granite, marble or a combination of mosaic and ceramic. The hammam is the heir of the ancient Roman baths and the ancestor of the steam bath in Europe, but with several additives - foam, massage, peeling and fragrances.


Bath with hydromassage in which the body is massaged under pressure. It has a tonic, anti-edematous and anti-inflammatory effect.


Hydrotherapy treatment on a special shower bed, that helps release the stress and toxins, speeds up metabolism and strengthens the muscles.


Shock stream of water runs from a distance, controlled by a therapist. It has a detoxifying and regenerating effect, enriching the cells with oxygen and improving the blood circulation.


Pamper yourself with an exclusive SPA experience in our private VIP Rasul. The ritual starts with an estuarine mud body mask and an infrared therapy on a warm bed, followed by a body peeling with Pomorian lye. A gentle steam bath follows, contemplated by a hydrating full-body massage. The ritual ends with a relaxation and a tea infusion to achieve a complete physical and mental balance.


Experience the unique healing power of Pomorie mud and lye, known since ancient times for their therapeutic effect on the body, rich mineral and organic components. Pamper yourself with exclusive SPA experience in our group Rasul chambers. Enjoy a body mask application on a warm bed, followed by a body peeling with these natural products. Applications are partial or full body while you are on a warm bed. According to the needs or wishes of our guests and under the control of a specialist.

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