Black Sea lye | A world treasure

The Black Sea lye is the final product of the salt production in Pomorie. It is obtained from the rapa (lake water) of the Pomorie and Burgas salt lakes after the evaporation of the water in the salt pans and the crystallization of the salt. It remains above the salt layer as a thick oily liquid with a yellow-brown colour and a slight odour of hydrogen sulphide. As it is a natural product, the colour and smell can vary depending on the rainfall and temperature during the year. The lye "ripens" and is suitable for medical use (so-called medical lye) in the period August - September.

It is extremely important to stabilize this natural products within 24 hours after extraction, because otherwise it loses some of its essential healing powers and also crystallizes, as the salt content is up to 70%.

The unique healing power of the Black sea lye is due to its rich mineral and organic composition. It contains biologically active substances and all the ingredients of the sea water and rapeseed, but in much higher concentrations. It is similar in composition to the Black sea mud solution, extracted from these lakes. The content of calcium, sodium, magnesium, chlorine, bromine, sulphates, hydrocarbons, many trace elements, organic substances, etc. prevails. For this reason, it is considered more valuable and useful than the salts of the Dead Sea, if at all it is necessary to make an analogy, and it is gentler on the skin due to its pleasant, oil-like consistency.

The use of massage products with lye helps increase the healing strength of the massage:

• Accelerates metabolism;

• Restores the balance of the nervous and muscular system;

• Reduces muscle pain;

• Protects against cramps;

• Strengthens the hair, skin, nails;

Massaging /or rubbing with rotating movements / is the best way to apply the lye at home as it does not require any special equipment.

How to apply it on the skin?

Rub the lye / gel or oil / all over the body or only on the areas affected by pain and cramps and remain lubricated from 20 minutes to several hours until the lye absorbs and only salt remains.

W SPA at Wave Resort presents a wide variety of application of these natural products, compresses with lye, partial applications, and facial procedures with cleansing and hydrating effect, lye baths with added aromas such as arnica, rosemary and juniper.

The Black Sea healing mud and lye are a real world treasure. Mud and lye treatments not only affect certain diseases, but also strengthen the body and immune system.

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Stay healthy and beautiful,

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