W-Medical SPA Programs | In Symbiosis with the Nature

We live in a time that has rethought our values!
When to be in a good health is a happines above all!
More and more of us are turning to the power of natural medicine to provide the spirit and the body with the necessary ingredients for a healthy and a happy life.

The location of WAVE Resort combines the energy of the fine magnetic particles of the beach sand with the healing powers of the salt waters of the estuarine lake of Pomorie, which combined with the morning sea breeze and iodine vapors, create a natural sanatorium for many different diseases.

Surrounded by the Sea, on one side and by the Pomorie salt pans on the other, with its unique atmosphere, microclimate, adapted vegetation and animal life, WAVE Resort has the advantage of being impressively relaxing and naturally restorative!

Using the power of natural resources, we at W-SPA have prepared Health Programs for you, which include healing Mud, Lye, Halotherapy and Physiotherapy procedures. Our Medical packages are developed by a certified physiotherapist and are prescribed individually according to the patient's needs. They are applied by specialists using the appropriate equipment and facilities in combination with the natural resources surrounding the complex.

For consultation and reservation, please contact us by phone: +359 884 139 309 or by email on: spa@waveresort.bg    

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