Inside the hammam

Maybe you have heard about the Traditional Turkish bath, hammam, or maybe you still haven't... Don's miss a chance to enjoy this unique ritual when searching for experiences to help you understand the Oriental culture better. It has been captivating the travellers for centuries ago...

But what are the benefits of this treatment in fact?

The hammam purifies the body, gives strength and a feeling of lightness - a real pleasure and a bliss for all the senses.

The benefits are many:

• Opens pores and cleanses the skin naturally, thus removing toxins

• Improves the function of the immune system and benefits the respiratory system

• Stabilizes blood pressure

• Improves metabolism and accelerates skin regeneration

• Serves as a prevention of diseases of the musculoskeletal system

After hammam, you will feel the nervous system calm down, you will sleep better, feel lighter and any headaches will be releaved. The hammam is also a good ally in the fight against obesity and cellulite.

At the end of your stay you will feel rested, free from unnecessary thoughts , calm and comfortable.

Behind the scene:

Before the essential part, the body is warmed up for about 10-15 minutes so that the pores are fully open for the upcoming peeling, called "Kese", known as the best and most effective peeling, which is performed with natural soaps and fragrances. The skin is finally cleansed, healthy, radiant and ready for massage with fluffy foam all over the body.

At the end a mask is applied, most often it has natural ingredients such as: seaweed, honey, clay and others.

The procedure ends in a relaxation room with a lower temperature.

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