Black Sea | A Unique Eco System

Deeply connected with the idea of water and its power, we are excited about the topic of our Black Sea. We decided to gather a little known facts and interesting information to find out what makes it so unique.

What is the color of the Black Sea?

We begin, of course, with the name. You'll be amazed at how many queries there are on Google with the question "What is the color of the Black Sea really?". We give an answer immediately, for those who have not seen it. The clear waters in the open sea have a blue to greenish-blue color, and along the shores (due to the presence of sediments) - most often green. The transparency of the water in the open sea reaches 30 m, and along the shores is 1 - 2 m. Black is nowhere to be seen...

Why then "black"? Its name dates back to antiquity, when the first sailors found its waters too turbulent and dangerous. Rapid storms created huge waves and vessels, at the time, found it difficult to travel in these conditions. They called it "black" and to this day the name remains. For all locals, the sea is warm and friendly - a favorite place for the summer holidays.

In Bulgarian sounds: Cherno more; In Romanian the name sounds: Marea Neagră; In Turkish: Karadeniz

Is Black Sea actually a lake?

The Black Sea is one of the most isolated from the world's oceans. As the Black Sea is connected by a very narrow strait of the Bosphorus near Istanbul with the salty Marmara Sea and then the Mediterranean Sea, it is said to be the largest indoor water basin in the world. Over the last 500,000 years, due to strong seismic activity, it is believed that the connection between the seas has been broken and restored at least 10 times. This means that the Black Sea was sometimes a lake and sometimes a sea.

And according to Wikipedia: "It is believed that in late geological times (about 10,000 - 20,000 years ago) on the site of the Black Sea there was a freshwater lake, and rising waters in the World Ocean and the Mediterranean led to the overflow of salt water through Bosphorus. Various theories link what happened to the biblical myth of the flood, as well as the displacement of Indo-European peoples. Whether it is true or not, we do not know, but certainly the Black Sea has a very fascinating history that makes it unique.

Why can we swim underwater without a protective mask?

The Black Sea is a sea with very low salinity, another unique feature that makes it very suitable for swimming, for children and for all kinds of water sports. It is a great pleasure to stay in the warm sea water for as long as you like and to swim underwater without a mask - there is no danger of skin or eye irritation.

What is the reason for this?

Due to the abundant inflow of river (sweet) water, the sea water of the Black Sea is less salty (17.3 ‰) than in the Mediterranean Sea and the World Ocean, which have a salinity of about (36 ‰). Some of the largest rivers in Europe flow in the Black sea - the Danube, Dnieper and others. That is, more fresh water is poured in, than salt water.

Why are the remains of underwater surveillance ships in the Black Sea one of the best preserved?

As the salt water that flows through the Bosphorus and the Dardanelles is denser than the slightly salty water on the surface, two layers of water with different densities are formed. Due to their inability to mix, the lowest layer of water, at the bottom of the Black Sea, is stationary and does not drain, there is no oxygen or we say that this layer is anoxic. Therefore, microorganisms that would destroy the wreckage of shipwrecked ships cannot live on the bottom of the Black Sea. This makes it a great underwater ship museum.

There are no dangerous sea creatures in the Black Sea - nothing disturbs the pleasure of swimming in its warm waters. Due to its small area, the temperature in May / June has already reached a pleasant 20 degrees, and in July and August it reaches 27/28 degrees.

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