Wave Resort holiday complex sums up the energy of the magnetic black sand from the beach, the healing properties of the salt waters of Pomorie Liman Lake and the natural inhalation therapy with iodine vapors. By benefiting from this natural clinic and being equipped with special equipment, we have created in our SPA center recreational programs treating disorders of the musculoskeletal system, peripheral nervous system, respiratory and skin diseases and rehabilitation program after Covid-19. Our team includes qualified doctors and rehabilitation therapists, experts in physical medicine.



Light sauna in combination with various herbs, twigs of deciduous and coniferous trees, cones and more. The temperature is in the range of 50 ÷ 60°C. The relative humidity is 30 - 40%, but can reach over 50%. Thanks to the hot air and steam the bioactive substances in the plants are released and saturate the air in the sauna. The herbal sauna has an extremely beneficial effect on the respiratory system, skin and hair.


Sauna with air temperature from 70 to 100 degrees and low humidity. Humidity is regulated by water, which is poured on stones and creates steam. For centuries, in some counties, the sauna has been a place for rest, relaxation and solitude. It is known for its positive effects on the human body and is a natural way to improve the immune system, tone and vitality of the body.



  • Primary: Establishing the general condition of the patient and developing an individual treatment plan.
  • Final: Establishing the general condition of the patient, the effect of the therapy and giving guidelines for continuing treatment.
    • Price: 55 BGN


  • Remedial gymnastics: An individual set of physical exercises to restore or increase the motor activity and the psycho-emotional tonus.
    • Duration 15 min. - 30 BGN
  • Healing massage: A combination of techniques aiming to eliminate pain, heal traumas, cramps, anxiety, stress. The result is relaxing, stimulating, anti-swelling and healing.  
    • Duration 25 min – 85 BGN
    • Duration 50 min. – 149 BGN
  • Pressotherapy (lymphatic drainage massage): Foot therapy for detoxification.
    • Duration 40 min. – 70 BGN

3. INHALATION THERAPY: The aim is to overcome the persistent spasm and swelling of the bronchial tree by inhaling healing solutions or salt ions, as well as to improve expectoration and gas exchange. This increases oxygen saturation and normalizes the alkaline-acid balance in the body. The ultimate goal is to restore homeostasis and increase the body's adaptive and recreational abilities.

  • Duration 15 min. – 18 BGN

4. ULTRASOUND THERAPY: Ultrasound massage of the tissues is performed by an emitter of ultrasonic waves, as well as ultra-phonophoresis of various medicines in the form of ointment or gel. It has anti-inflammatory, dispersing and analgesic effects.

  • Duration 15 min. – 20 BGN

5. ELECTROTHERAPY: The aim is to overcome symptoms such as residual pain, weakness, stagnation, poor perfusion and microcirculation, intoxication, respiratory and heart failure through galvanic current, electrophoresis, etc. If necessary, it can be combined with ultrasound and vacuum therapy.

  • Duration 15 min. – 20 BGN

6. VACUUM THERAPY: Creating a suction cup effect with rubber cups, allowing a combination of electrotherapy of low and medium frequency currents and vacuum tissue massage. It has a stimulating, revulsive and reflexing effect on the body.

  • Duration 15 min. – 15 BGN

7. CHARCOT SHOWER: Shock water jet showered from a distance and controlled by a therapist. It has detoxicating and regenerating effect by enriching the cells with oxygen and improving the blood.

  • Duration 20min. – 50 BGN

8. VICHY SHOWER: Hydro therapy on a special shower bed, which helps remove stress and toxins, accelerates metabolism and strengthens muscles.

  • Duration 20min. – 40 BGN

9. TANGENTOR BATH:  Bathtub which applies body massage under pumped pressure. It has energizing, anti-swelling and anti-inflammatory effect.

  • Duration 20 min. - 45 BGN

10. MUD APPLICATIONS: Body mask for healing and preventive therapy against various diseases.

  • Partial Body: Duration 20 min. – 25 BGN
  • Full Body: Duration 20 min. – 55 BGN

11. APPLICATIONS WITH LYE:  They regulate the ion exchange of the body and have anti-inflammatory and regenerating effect. 

  • Partial Body: Duration 20 min. – 25 BGN
  • Full Body: Duration 20 min. – 55 BGN

12. BATHTUB WITH LYE:  They regulate the ion exchange of the body and have anti-inflammatory and regenerating effect. 

  • Duration 20 min. - 35 BGN

13. SALT THERAPY ROOM: By water spraying fine particles of special pharmaceutical salt are used in the room to create therapeutic microclimate, similar to that in the salt caves, pine tree forests or the seashore areas. The air is rich in microelements 80% of which are contained in the blood plasma of human body.

  • Duration 20 min. – 20 BGN

14. SALT WATER POOL: A pool with salt water combined with hydro massage for the different parts of the body. It has relaxing and detoxicating effect and strengthens the immune system.

  • Duration 20 min. – 20 BGN

15. KNEIPP PATH: Walking on a water path with alternating hot and cold water, the bottom of which is covered with river stones. It has a stimulating effect on the blood circulation, especially on the legs.

  • Duration 20 min. - 20 BGN

10% discount for additional SPA procedures from the Menu.

The personal attitude we have to the health of every guest makes us unique in SPA tourism. You may trust our team and enjoy your stay with us. Take care of your health at W~SPA Medical & Wellness.

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