Covid-19 Guidebook

29th August, 2021

Dear Guests,

With regards to the necessity for conducting PCR and antigen tests for foreign tourists, we would like to inform that Wave Resort offers the possibility for testing in the resort. The hotel collaborates with Ramus Laboratory – Burgas and its mobile laboratory team, upon prior request.

As of August 29, 2021 for the duration of the current summer season, Wave Resort takes over:

  • 50% of the cost for PCR/ antigen tests for foreign guests who have booked a minimum of 4 nights in the resort
  • 100% of the cost for PCR/ antigen tests for foreign guests who have booked a minimum of 7 nights in the resort


  • Antigen test - BGN 40
  • PCR test - BGN 90


  • Guests wishing to be tested should make a prior request at the Concierge Desk upon arrival, by providing their passport data, departure date and testing fee payment.
  • PCR test results are delivered on the next day after sampling, within 09:00-09:30.
  • Rapid antigen test results are delivered by 17:00 hrs on the same day.
  • A certificate in English with a QR code, signature and seal is presented to the guest.
  • Payment is made in cash, in BGN, at the Concierge Desk.


A different perspective

At Wave Resort we are creating a different guest experience. Today, more than ever, we focus on the quality and trust we build in our guests, and strive to create a safe and healthy environment, benefiting from the tranquil surroundings of the resort and its sustainable infrastructure.

Wave Resort is located in a secluded area, far from urban settlements and close to the natural reserve of Lake Pomorie, which has for centuries been known as a natural resource of black healing mud. The beach near Wave Resort is 7 km long and is one of most eco-friendly destinations at the Black sea coast. It is extremely suitable for sun bath therapies, with its fine graphite sand, rich in iron and salts, perfectly complementing the conditions for relaxation and recovery at the resort.

Wave Resort is beautifully set on 50 ha of landscaped grounds, offering the rare combination of carefully designed infrastructure and vast outdoor and indoor spaces to meet the requirements of its clientele for a quiet and peaceful holiday.

Wave Resort is designed to avoid the usual disadvantages of the all-inclusive model, such as large crowds of people. Today we easily re-arrange our capacities, not only to meet the requirements for social distancing, but also to provide even more private space for each of our guests.

We hereby request all our guests to act in line with the details and information as provided in this guidebook, and also to observe and comply with such details and information for the purpose of protecting both the health of our esteemed guests, as well as our staff members. WAVE Resort has been perfectly fulfilling all of the sanitary requirements for our guests not only in accordance with the recommendations of the Ministry of Health and the Ministry of Tourism of Bulgaria but also with the international standards.



  • Your room has been cleaned by making use of the products with desinfecting features, and your room has been delivered to you as the “first occupant” following the performance of such processes.
  • Disposable products such as the soaps, shampoo, shower gel/cream, lotion are removed from the guest rooms. They are available upon request.
  • The daily cleaning of your room shall be performed by our staff by making use of masks and single-use gloves.
  • If you do not want us to enter your room for the daily room cleaning or mini-bar supplies, please advise the reception desk that you do not want such service.


  • In all common areas where you spend time outside your room, the locations and surfaces that are frequently touched are subject to cleaning and disinfection processes by our specially trained teams during certain periods. We recommend that you exercise care when touching surfaces in common areas, and that you wash and disinfect your hands after any contact.
  • All common use areas, including the restaurants, meeting hall, lobby, reception lounge, entertainment and animation area, bars and sales units, the sun beds around the pool and on shore have been arranged in accordance with the social distancing plan, and the necessary measures for social distancing have been taken, and the necessary markings have been made. No guests in excess of the capacity as required by the plan shall be admitted to such areas.
  • The distance between each of the tables has been arranged to be 1.5 meters at our units where food and beverage service is offered.
  • Food will be served to you from our cooking stations in the main restaurant, bistro and food court.
  • Between 20:00h and 8:00h the pool areas are sanitized. We kindly ask you not to leave any personal belongings on the sunchairs.


  • All of our staff members have received special training about the pandemic and hygiene.
  • While serving you, our staff member shall make use of the protective equipment such as masks, gloves or face shields, depending on the location and type of such service.
  • Just as it is done for the common use areas, the hygiene standards and practices are being implemented in the same manner and meticulously at all of our staff areas.
  • Hygiene barriers sterilizers and the devices and equipment necessary for hand and body hygiene are being made available at the food production and kitchen areas within our enterprise.
  • Cleaning and hygiene of the areas associated with the kitchen, and also of any and all kinds of equipment used at the kitchen, as well as the counter tops and storage areas are being ensured on regular basis.


  • We recommend that you use masks and gloves where necessary; avoid touching your eyes, nose and mouth; and comply with the “maximum capacity” guidelines designated in Hotel areas. You can get it from Concierge desk if necessary (mask, gloves, single packed desinfectants )
  • You will see markings and directions placed in many locations throughout the facility to maintain social distance guidelines. Please keep your social distance by regarding these markings and directions.
  • Please take the necessary measures when communicating with other hotel guests and employees, except your family members and relatives. Family members can sit together and take the elevator.
  • Please keep in mind that, at this time, we must let go of our habits of embracing, hugging and shaking hands; covering your mouth with a clean tissue while coughing or sneezing is essential – if you do not have a tissue or handkerchief, please sneeze or cough inside your elbow.
  • Please do not alter the distance between the sun beds.
  • If you recognize any Covid-19 symptom at yourself or at our other guests you know, then please inform the reception desk immediately
  • We hereby would like to remind you that various activities such as running, doing exercises, cycling and swimming require various social distancing and various measures even if the measures such as making use of disinfectants and masks are taken.