Wave Resort honored with 2019 Building of the Year Award

10th December 2019

Wave Resort is this year‘s recipient of the First Prize Award in the outstanding 2019 Building of the Year Contest, Hotels & Holiday Resorts Category!

National Contest “Building of the Year” is the most prestigious event in the field of investment activities, construction and architecture and distinguishes the best achievements for the past year.

It is organized by THE CITY Media Group under the auspices of the Ministry of Regional Development and Public Works with the support of industry associations in the area of architecture and construction – Construction Chamber of Bulgaria, Chamber of Architects in Bulgaria, Union of Architects in Bulgaria, Chamber of Engineers in Investment Design.

The Gala award ceremony that took place on 10th December 2019 will be broadcasted by BNT on 14th December 2019 at 15:00 hrs.

About Wave Resort

Wave Resort is located between Aheloy and Pomorie on an area of nearly 50 acres, bordering the beach to the east, the main Varna-Bourgas road to the west, Aheloy camping to the north and Pomorie Lake to the south. The resort is designed to meet the needs of the summer Ultra all-inclusive guests, but its infrastructure also favors the development of wellness, health and event tourism. The product of Wave Resort is unique and competitive, offering guests an emotionally memorable stay and an integrated experience geared to the specific requirements of different groups of travelers. The main idea of the project is to avoid the usual disadvantages of the all-inclusive model, such as large crowds in the main restaurant and pool areas, and to create more private space for every guest.

Architectural vision 

The architectural vision is contemporary and intriguing, without unnecessary pretensions and provocations, suiting the taste of diverse audiences from all over the world. In order to achieve this, it was decided to plan a building that would meet the current trends, but at the same time be resolved according to the rules of classical buildings, which have been considered harmonious and beautiful for centuries. For this reason, architects proceed from the assumption that such a building would carry a subconscious sense of something familiar, which brings calmness and allows rapid adaptation of guests to their “new home”. In this regard, the building of the hotel is designed in symmetry, and its proportions and silhouettes aim to resemble a palace. The ratio in height between solid and high public floors to more airy and lower hotel levels is also a classic trend.

Sustainable business model

The big inner courtyard is something that distinguishes Wave Resort from most Black Sea resorts. The complex is planned into a more sustainable business model, in which guests have more personal space and attractions in the resort itself. We hope this business model will prove in time and become an alternative to overdevelopment. Separating the spaces in the complex into specific zones allows the tourist product to target different groups: couples, families with children, sports and wellness lovers, business guests and event participants.