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Dedicated to the world of spa, W~SPA offers an integrated approach to health and wellbeing, focusing on wellness, detox and heath care programs. From tranquil pools to soothing therapies, W~SPA facilities are designed to promote the ultimate Spa experience in serene surroundings.

W~SPA by Wave Resort is a place that resounds the energy of Pomorie Lake and its magnetic graphite-color sandy beach with state-of-the-art architecture and modern design. Drawing from the riches of the nature, the signature treatments combine Black sea mud and lye with long-established practices and modern techniques.

W~SPA presents balanced packages, unparalleled massage techniques, oriental rituals and innovative cosmetic products for a true aesthetic and health-enhancing journey.

Indulge into the ultimate W~SPA experience at Wave Resort. 

Welcome to the world of W~SPA!

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The beach sand

W~SPA collects the energy of the fine magnetic beach sand and the healing power of the salt waters of the Pomorie lake.

Surrounded on one side by the sea and on the other by the Pomorie salt pans, with its unique atmosphere, microclimate, adapted vegetation and animal environment, the Wave Resort reveals an impressively relaxing and naturally restorative atmosphere.

Combined with the morning sea breeze and healing iodine fumes, they create a natural cure for a number of diseases.

The sand on the beach is black due to the high content of magnetite - a ferromagnetic mineral, one of the few iron oxides. Magnetite has the strongest magnetic properties of all naturally occurring minerals on Earth. It is considered healing, especially when combined with prolonged exposure to the sun and sea water. Magnetite is able to attract diseases that a person has to alleviate his suffering.

How does sand heal? 

Magnetic sand has the unique power of accumulating solar heat and is heated around 60°C on hot summer days. At the same time, it slowly gives it to the human body and thus does not cause overheating, but gradual warming of the organs. Thanks to this, blood circulation, lymphatic drainage and metabolism are enhanced.

In addition to healing, hot sand also has a cosmetic effect. It gently massages the skin and removes dead cells, and in depth stimulates the breakdown of cellulite and adipose tissue. Therefore, only after a dozen procedures the skin becomes not only smoother, firmer, but we can realise we have lost a few extra pounds.

How to "take" the sand baths? Proceed to the procedures at the end of the beach day - about 5 o'clock in the afternoon. Then the sand has accumulated enough heat, but the air is no longer so hot. Dig a horizontal bed in it at a shallow depth. Then dry your body well with a towel and lie down inside, asking someone to cover you with hot sand. The head and chest (heart area) should remain open and higher, and preferably under an umbrella. Stay in the bath for about 20-30 minutes, and for children cut the time in half.

After getting out of bed, you should not bathe or expose yourself to the sun. You only need to rest for half an hour in the shade. Only in this way will you benefit from the healing power of the sand.

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