Wave Resort supports the National Charitable Campaign "Give birth to a child in Bulgaria" 2021

Wave Resort hosted the 2x20 Galaxy tour, dedicated to the National Charitable Campaign "Give birth to a child in Bulgaria" 2021 and the Awareness Campaign "Let's set our biological clock on time".

The amphitheater of Wave Resort gathered together the fans of the Bulgarian pop and rock music to enjoy the legendary rock band "SPRINT", Galya Georgieva, Drago Draganov and the emblematic voice of BG radio - Atanas Stoyanov. A special guest of the event was a deputy the mayor of Sofia Municipality Albena Atanasova, who besides being a great admirer of Bulgarian music, stands behind the noble innitiative.

The events united art and social messages in support of the social innitiative, appealing for more children born in Bulgaria. One of the main goals of the campaign is to promote the initiatives of the "Dream for a Child Foundation" and the Awareness Campaign entitled "Adjusting our biological clock", which provide support to women and couples with reproductive problems, prevention of women to establish ovarian reserve at an earlier age and timely information on the reproductive health of young people in Bulgaria.

The concert started with the live performance of the pop singer Galya Georgieva, who is one of the faces of the campaign and a performer of the anthem "Dream for a child". Drago Draganov performed some of the most popular songs from the Bulgarian pop and rock scene, and the rock band "SPRINT" delighted the fans with their most popular hits, as well as songs from the new album of the group "Galaxy". The host of the concert was Atanas Stoyanov from BG radio.

The event was hosted with the kind assistance of Nurten Yunsev Del Luce, who lives in Turkey, but was born in Bulgaria - singer, songwriter, composer and artist. Bogdan Tomov, Georgi Nizamov and PR of the year 2020 - Atanas Lazarov also joined the concerts and in support of the Cause.

The events are realized with the support of the Ministry of Culture - Program for support of creative projects in the field of performing arts 2020, under the project "THE FUTURE IS NOT A DOMINO GAME" - distribution of a concert-performance of the group "Sprint" of "Studio Sprint" Project ” and the project“ SPELL IN FOUR SEASONS - HERE AND NOW ” of the Silver Key Agency, which presents and promotes the music album “Spell in Four Seasons ” and the support of Sofia Municipality by the Deputy Mayor Albena Atanasova.

The sponsors of the tour and the "Give birth to a child in Bulgaria" campaign are BG radio, media portal MamaZona and Pine Smart Bulgaria - the first smart diapers in the world to help every parent, Public Communications Agency Profile, media portal MyFamily.bg. 

The slogan of the participants is : "Every solved problem makes our lives safer and better"!